Hymns and Hollow Words

by Kavyk

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released April 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Kavyk Hammond, Louisiana

This is the debut release featuring members of Suspended Obscurity, Celestial Mechanics, Withering Light, Legions of Hoar Frost, and In Medias Res. The two tracks are special as a vocalist could not be found so "Hymns and Hollow Words" features Dallas Smith of Barghest and "The Duller the Eye" features Mike Thompson of Withered. Hope you enoy. ... more

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Track Name: Hymns and Hollow Words
Your great shepherd came extending righteous hands and led astray those abandoned.
You sing a valiant song yet lack the right notes.
Your hollow words are strong when pulled from your throat.
No faith or conviction can save you now.
And all that you've held dear, it comes crashing down.
You cry and scream out aloud but your faith is just a pathetic failure.
A fucking failure… born to die.
In your mind you see this yet you hide these truths.
A vision made of false words, you seem so oblivious to.
This is not the way you imagined that it would go (God Damned)
All those years of lies have taken their toll (Suffer)
So this is the end of years of worship at his feet (Bow Down)
Crawling and writhing upon your filthy, bloody knees.
Your faith is crippled, your spirit turned to dust.
A wasted lifetime devoted to mistrust.

By: Dallas Smith
Track Name: The Duller the Eye
The poor power of the eye
no longer sees our evil.
Because it’s become too subtle.
So we posit the realm…….the realm of goodness.
And the feeling that we’ve entered the realm…….the realm of goodness.
It excites impulses that are threatened by the evil.
Like the feeling of comfort.
And the feeling of benevolence.
Hence, the duller the eye
Hence………. the grief.

By: Mike Thompson